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Do you want social media for your business to feel less overwhelming?

Are you ready to end the hamster wheel of frustration and get step by step guidance to grow on social media?

Do you feel this way?

  • Social media is complicated and overwhelming

  • Managing social media is too time consuming

  • The algorithms change too often to keep up

  • Promoting on social media is too expensive

  • I don't want to dance in front of a camera to make content

Are you a entrepreneur, solo-preneur, mom-boss, boss babe, she-EO who finds social media overwhelming?

Does the idea of growing your business through TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and who the hell knows how many other platforms make you feel anxious, distracted, or uncertain???

If so, you're in the right place!

If you ask me, I feel like all the different platforms, countless editing apps, the endless algorithm CHANGES....and never mind the time it takes to create content and get followers feel out of control at this point.

Navigating all the changes and scrolling for ideas is exhausting and fruitless, but in this day and age - almost completely necessary. Ugh.

Lucky for you, I've figured out a better way.

Seriously, there is an easier way to grow on social media. There's an easier way to EVERYTHING on social media.

Growing, posting, strategizing, planning and prioritizing - all of it.

Inside the Let's Get Social membership you receive social media basics as part of the ongoing weekly training and updates...

BUT - you'll also be invited to meet with me LIVE every week where we will discuss social media platform and algorithm updates, new trends and any other news published for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.

We'll discuss hooks, caption/post/story/video ideas, what's working, what's no longer working and planning your content.

You even have the opportunity to ask questions live in the calls and take action immediately stopping the imposter monster procrastination in it's tracks!

Just imagine how you'll feel when:

  • You've learned how to streamline your social media process and you open your app each morning to new followers while you slept

  • The processes you’ve discovered mastering your strategy and posting schedule allow you to spend less time on social media and more time doing what you love!!

  • You're able to efficiently create and schedule content causing your social media engagement to blow up generating requests for collaboration and connection

  • You’re posts are so relatable and valuable that your engagement is creating paying customers directly from your social media

  • You've been able to tackle the scary imposter syndrome monster hovering over the technology to where the overwhelm becomes underwhelm and you’re able to finally feel successful on socials

This is exactly why I’m soooo excited to introduce:

Let's Get Social!

"Let's Get Social" is an affordable online membership simplifying social media for easily distracted entrepreneurs like us.

How affordable - girl...$7 a month! That's less than a fancy a$$ latte!

In Let's Get Social I believe in working TOGETHER (yeah, I'll be the one you see live on the calls!!) with actionable steps designed for brains like ours.

Simple. Time boxed. Routine.

Each piece of the puzzle comes together to create a process YOU can use in your day to day life to grow your following and engagement.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you enroll:


The Academy

  • Step-by-step social media growth strategies, techniques

  • Weekly Live Coaching and Q&As (with recorded replays)

  • Tips on what's hot and trending and how to implement them

  • Simple proven method to present your offers to your followers

  • Guest experts on copywriting, video and content production for social media

  • How to master scheduling tools and automation

  • Content creation ideas for Canva

  • And so much more...

Value: $47 Monthly Value


The Library

  • Done for you social media descriptions and video scripts

  • Workbooks, organizational worksheets and printables

  • Digital planners to ensure strategies are set up for success

  • Easy to follow engagement strategies for social media platforms

  • And even more...

Value: $27 Monthly Value


Members Only Group

You’ll be invited to our members-only Brand Mindset Academy Facebook group where you have access to:

  • Feedback on your strategy questions or posts

  • Exclusive opportunities for distraction-friendly social media updates (Trending Audio updates weekly!)

  • BMA Let's Get Social has its own private community within the academy portal for even MORE support!!

  • And again, so much more.

Value: $17 Monthly Value

A total value of: ($91 month)

Enroll Now for just $7 a month

Tina is the best biz coach I've ever hired and I wish I found her sooner! She has helped me find immense clarity in my brand and empowered me to be a better decision maker in my business.

Everyone needs a Tina!


Independent Hair Stylist & Salon Professional

Tina is my go-to girl for IG. When I found out how fast her account exploded with growth and how much moolah it was making her, I knew I had to listen. There’s no other way to explain her outside of “magical”. The secrets she knows on how to create content quickly, how and when to share, how to make the algorithm work for you – well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of her genius. If you’ve been struggling to make IG work for you, do yourself (and your purse) a favor by listening to her and doing exactly what she says!


Intuitive Copywriter & Bestselling Author


Does the monthly rate increase?

Nope! The $7 a month offer is not an introductory offer. You'll pay $7 until you cancel.

Are there materials provided in addition to the coaching sessions?

Absolutely! The membership will include printable worksheets, trackers, planners and many other documents needed to keep your social media accounts updated and algorithm friendly.

Is there any support available outside of live coaching sessions?

The private Facebook group is available at all times for questions, support or peer reviews but we also have a members only community inside our portal with even more opportunities to connect.

What is the length of each project course or coaching session?

Project courses are kept under 1 hour with a target of about 15 minutes or less per video.

The updates portion of the weekly calls (recorded) is kept to under 30 minutes depending on what has changed since our last call in the social media industry.
All of the videos and action items are created with your time in mind.

Can I learn at my own pace?

Yep! You can do each lesson as quickly or slowly as you like.

As long as you are a member you can repeat any project course or re-watch any of the content over and over and over…

However, as a member, you're always welcome to join our calls no matter what level user you are.

How long is the coaching membership term and is there an option to renew?

Renewal is monthly and there is NO contract! You can cancel at any time.

Still on the fence about it?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I know you're going to absolutely fall in love with what you'll learn when you join BMA Let's Get Social! In fact, when you follow the steps provided in the lessons and group calls you'll learn everything you need to know to be engaging with your target audience in 30 days. There is NO contract, you can cancel at any time.

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